Wednesday January 22 2020, 13:21pm

Reprints and PDF’s

If your firm has been represented in InterContinental Finance & Law, this will undoubtedly gain you recognition from your peers, however it is imperative that your clients are made aware of the skills and ability your firm has. A hard copy reprint, or PDF produced by InterContinental Finance & Law will provide them with independent and authoritative confirmation that you are the best in your field.

We are able to either reprint the article or provide your firm with a PDF of the coverage from InterContinental Finance & Law, for distribution to your clients. We are able to tailor the design to suit your firms promotional needs, if you have more than one article you would like to include, this is, of course possible – the bespoke marketing message for your firm.

This opportunity provides the ideal material for circulating amongst your clients or to include with your future marketing campaigns.

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