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PatentAxis Inc.
PatentAxis Inc.

67 Yonge Street,
Suite 602,
M5E 1J8

Tel: +14165562999

“PatentAxis is delighted to be a repeat winner in the ICFM Leading Firms survey”

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 Located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, PatentAxis has built a reputation for providing patent services that include search, analysis, filing and prosecution for both Canadian and international clients seeking patent protection in Canada.

A firm dedicated to providing service with time and cost efficiency with the intent to always provide a value to cost ratio that exceeds client expectations is how PatentAxis director Jai Chatterjee describes his firm.

“As a reputed firm, we are intrinsically committed to accessibility and quick responses to client inquiries – clients always feel included and engaged in the patent process. Indeed, in its business approach, PatentAxis provides several distinguishinPatentAxis ADVERT ICFM 250 Leading Firms 2016g advantages to a client.” The firm offers core patent services of patent search and analysis, patent application preparation, patent prosecution and patent portfolio management that are customised for clients seeking to implement international patent protection strategies extending from preparing and filing patent applications and prosecuting pending patent applications in various patent offices around the world to ultimately receiving notices of allowance and issued patents from targeted patent offices.

“A founding principle of PatentAxis has been to treat every client as a premium client, with an emphasis on client communications and client satisfaction. Regardless of the size of the client, a concerted effort is made to provide clear and practical advice at each decision point, and whenever relevant set out options with benefits and risks of each option,” says Chatterjee.

A major emphasis is placed by PatentAxis on prompt communication with clients and providing clients with clear and practical advice to allow clients to make informed and educated decisions.

“The firm endeavours to provide clients with a competitive advantage in relation to patents. Typically, this means successfully obtaining a patent for a client. But, sometimes providing a patent analysis or strategy tailored to a client’s commercialisation goals can be significant.”

One of the unique features provided by the firm is the fixed-price option for all Canadian patent work. As clients have gravitated towards fixed price options over hourly rates, fixed-price options have been expanded to cover all Canadian patent work, including patent application filings and prosecution.

The firm also provides a unique contribution with its emphasis on clear communications, which is leveraged not only in client communication, but also in patent office correspondence, and telephone interviews with patent examiners.

PatentAxis’ clients range from local small and medium-sized businesses to larger entities to foreign firms. “Regardless of the size of the client, we are committed to providing services in a clear and practical manner to secure a competitive advantage in patents. The objective is to make the patent process transparent so that clients can focus time and energy on effecting change with their innovations.”

Indeed, the firm has been fortunate to have a client roster filled with dynamic innovators and conscientious businesses. As a result of the quality of clients, opportunities have always eclipsed challenges throughout the firm’s history.

“Canadian innovation is based on enduring local talent that will continue to bring new solutions to market regardless of overlying economic conditions,” says Chatterjee. “Economic changes can create corresponding budgetary revisions, but as long as the desire to protect innovation is maintained PatentAxis is nimble and adept at providing practical options and tactics to defer costs and adjust to budgetary constraints.”