Sunday February 7 2016, 23:35pm

Showcasing Excellence
across all Continents

Now over 5 years old, InterContinental Finance & Law Magazine has well and truly established itself as a leading industry publication. The monthly magazine provides its massive readership with clear and concise reports and reviews, highlighting the very best of advisors, lawyers, financiers and banks across all Continents, whilst displaying Global transactional activity.

Each magazine edition and awards supplement provides our 158,500 database with content to make informed decisions as to what firms they would be wise to bring on board, to assist them in corporate matters, whether of a transactional nature, financing or simply ongoing assistance to ensure their businesses are applying good governance in all areas.
Our audience spans all Continents, and includes CEO’s, CFO’s and mid-management decision makers in both public and private firms, in-house legal counsels, partners and associates within Law firms, corporate bankers and financiers of Banks and Investment Banks alike, directors and partners of Private Equity firms, whilst also being read by an ever increasing number of directors, partners and principals of firms involved in providing specialist due diligence advice, such as Commercial, Environmental, Taxation & Risk etc.